The sun. The desert.  Drought.  The wet season. The fire season.




These are things that make our place as  special as where we dye our yarns.  We flow with the environment around us….living and dyeing within dry extreme heat and intense sunlight; periodic drought severe this year which limits the water which we can responsibly consume.  That sense of place and authenticity are part of what you get with our yarns.

This drives the decisions that we make about dyeing.  We dye during certain seasons with the help from the sun and the son.  We use less water.  We reuse our water as many times as we can. We don’t dye as much in the winter due to shorter days and cooler temps.

We have a process that we love, which produces wonderful yarns for your knitting.

All of which makes the  yarns luscious, wonderful and definitely worth knitting with.  Our colors are unlike the colors of other dyers, partly because of process but mostly because of our master dyer’s incredible sense of color.