About Us


At Ceallach Dyes, we like big skeins of yarn, and so almost all our skeins are 8 ounces, which is roughly 4 standard 50g skeins or 2 standard 100g skeins of the same weight of yarn.  This means that you will purchase fewer skeins of yarn for your projects than you might expect.  This also minimizes the impact of dye lots on your projects, but please order sufficient quantities for your project.

Our process uses solar thermal energy in the dye process.  We have spent a lot of time looking at our dyes, and we have selected our particular dyes for their low-impact to the environment, the dyer and her family, and the artists that use the product for their textile arts.

We get alot of questions about the Ceallach Dyes name.  Ceallach is the old Gaelic spelling of our dyer’s given name, Kelley, and was chosen as a tribute to the old ways of interacting with the  world, in tune with the seasons and the movement of the sun relative to our planet.  Both names mean “warrior”, which helps us to remember that we are fighting for the future in our own little way.  Ceallach Dyes is pronounced as Kelley (Kel-lee) Dyes.