Solar Dyeing

field-sky-cloud-sun-landscape-landscapes1.jpgOur products are hand-dyed by us with the sun in small batches of up to two pounds of fiber or yarn.  We call this solar-dyeing, which is a process where the dyes are set using the power of the sun, as opposed to electrical power that could be derived from petroleum, coal, or nuclear power, which present environmental issues of serious concern. Our solar-dyed yarns and fibers use no consumable fuel sources to set the dyes and the processes are gentler on the fibers than other techniques that might require stirring or more dramatic temperature changes.

Our Yarns and Fibers are hand-dyed using low-impact acid dyes carefully selected for a low impact for the planet and the safety for the dyer, her small children and the fiber artists that use our yarns and fibers.  We have also made a decision not to use plant and animal dyes due to the large amounts of water we have found are required for that process.   We are located in an area that has low natural rainfall, and are determined to tread lightly on our waterways as a result.

Our yarns are selected for a lush feel against the skin and our process allows the yarns to stay that way. We also aim to give good value in our yarns, by using larger skeins. Take a look at our Products page to learn more about the yarns!  And click here for reviews of our yarns online or on podcasts.

We hope that you like the results and what it does for the planet.  We sure do.